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Lesson 14 Ratios

No description

Kaelyn James

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Lesson 14 Ratios

Lesson 14 and 15: Creating tables, equations, double number lines, and coordinate plane
Problem Set 1
Lesson 15--Exercise 1 p73
Create a table
to determine how many views the website probably had one hour after the end of the broadcast based on how many views it had
two and three
hours after the end of the broadcast. Using this relationship, predict how many views the website will have
4, 5, and 6
hours after the end of the broadcast.
Who remembers tape diagrams?
Predict how many views the website will have after twelve hours. Use at least two representations (e.g., tape diagram,
table, double number line diagram) to justify your answer.
Lesson Summary
There are several ways that we can represent the same collection of equivalent ratios. These include ratio tables,
tape diagrams, double number line diagrams, equations, and graphs on coordinate planes.
Homework/Exit Ticket 14 and 15
Share your story problem with a classmate. Use accountability talk!
Can you make a double number line?
Graphing the table
Double Number Line
S= 3 x P
S=3 * P
Create a table
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Can you use the table to create
ordered pairs?
Use these to plot on the
coordinate plane
Exercise 4
Tape diagram
Double Number Line
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