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Cardiac muscle

No description


on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Cardiac muscle

Cardiac muscle
What are the three kinds of muscles
what is cardiac muscle
examples of cardiac muscles
the end
The 3 kind of muscle
smooth muscle: its only found in the stomach,the function is to receive and throw up the food its an involuntary muscle.
skeletal muscle: works in pairs when we move the muscles contract and the other one relaxes its a voluntary muscle
cardiac muscle:its only found in the heart its an involuntary muscle
Cardiac muscle
the heart is made of cardiac muscle. this tipe of muscle only exist in your heart. unlike other tipes, cardiac muscle never gets tired. it works automatically and constantly without ever pausing to rest. cardiac muscle contracts to squeeze blood out of your heart and relaxes to feel your heart with blood
an example of cardiac muscle is when we move, the heart bumps blood to your body
another example can be the difference between a human an a hamster heart because the hamster heart is quick
Human heart
Parts of the heart
We hope you like it
This presentation is made by: Valentina Astudillo and Gabriela Ramirez
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