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Zara, Topshop, J. Crew

MGT 105: "Branding"

Skye Vu

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Zara, Topshop, J. Crew

Zara Women
Zara Men
Zara Kids
Zara Baby
Mystery Shopper

Seunghee Han
Angie Kwong
Yiqing Liao
Yi Qiang
Skye Vu

Price Comparisons
ZARA's Communications
J. Crew's Communications
TOPSHOP's Communications
TOPSHOP's Communications
ZARA Kids & ZARA Baby
Atmosphere & Service
3 Words for ZARA

3 Words for TOPSHOP
3 Words for J. Crew
J.Crew's Brand Positioning
TOPSHOP's Brand Positioning
ZARA's Brand Positioning
Target market:
Great Brands...
Topshop Women
Topshop Men
Topshop Petite
Topshop Maternity

Avoid selling products
Don't chase customers
Follow Trends
Commit & Stay commited
Young women (70%), young men (30%), age: 20-35
Points of Difference:
Worldwide fashion with affordable prices
Fast turnaround clothing lines (every 2 weeks) "Fast Fashion"
Stores that are sleek and spacious
High quality clothes appeal to young professionals
ZARA's ad are consistent with brand's focus on black&white images
Target market:
Youngest target market, age:18-25
Points of Difference:
High street brand
Cutting-edge trends inspired by London youth culture & fashion, "Eclectic British style"
Fashion Week
Well-known among celebrities (Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles, Rihanna, Beyonce)
Target market:
Eldest target market, age: 27-40
College educated, professional, upscale customers
Points of Difference:
Classic, timeless looks
Stylish looks that the entire family can have
Emphasis on seasonal color and sophistication
Highest quality
Collaborations with higher end name brands
Has its own higher end line, J.Crew Collection ($200-$3,200)
Avoid selling products
Chase customers
Follow Trends with unique twist on it
Commit & Stay commited
Avoid selling products
Chase customers
Don't follow trends
Commit & Stay commited
Upbeat, lively music
Bright white lightings
More people in store
Soft melodies
Neutral space
Yellow lightings
Least amount of people in store
Pop culture music
Emphasis on black & white in store
Dimmed white lightings
Tailor Service
Spacious fitting rooms with closed door
3 Sales assistants
No limit on clothing items in fitting room
"HELP" button within fitting room
Limit amount of clothing items in fitting room
Help when asked
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