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Expert Chemical Forensics Testimony

No description

Mia Casasanto

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Expert Chemical Forensics Testimony

Tools that were used:
The solid phase extraction:
Used to seperate the compantants of the drug found. It showed that the sample collected from the suspect matched the one used by Samuel Motsay.
Fume Hood:
Used to protec the scientsits from the chemicals that they work with in cases. It helped further analyze the evidence that was seperated in the solid phase extraction.
Steps Used:
I first put the samples through the soild phase extraction to seperate the components to see if they matched each other, then i further looked at them in the fume hood in our lab. We looked at the results and confirmed that they were a reliable source.
After the careful analysis of each sample we confirmed that they were a match to each other and that Zachary Catron was the dealer of this drug. The analysis shows that the components that were tested turned the same color and had the sdame result in each test performed. These results mean that the known sample match the sample that was collected as evidence. Each test performed on the known sample matched the sample that was collected and these tests proved that the samples were the same drug.
Expert Chemical Forensics Testimony
Sample A:
Test Name and Description Result from KNOWN sample of NBOME Result from Sample A (alleged sample)
Van Urk Chemical Test
1. Turned Blue-Purple
2. Turned Blue-Purple
1. Differential Centrifugation: Separated 3 components of different densities:
Layer 1 – 0.1 mg/ml
Layer 2 – 0.3 mg/ml
Layer 3 – 0.6mg/ml
2. Separated 3 components of different densities:
Layer 1 – 0.1 mg/ml
Layer 2 – 0.3 mg/ml
Layer 3 – 0.6mg/ml
Phenethylamine Test / Marquis Color Test:
1. Positive – Turned Green/Yellow
2. Positive – Turned Green/Yellow
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