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Cat Scratch.

No description

Morgan Kendall

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Cat Scratch.

Cat Scratch Disease- Signs & Symptoms- blister or small bump appears a couple days after scratch or bite,often mistaken for a bug bite.
within a couple weeks lymhp nodes become swollen
In some cases, someone might have infections of the liver, spleen, bones, joints, or lungs, or a lingering high fever without other symptoms.
Medicines or Cures- skin tests, blood tests, and cultures to rule out other causes of swollen lymph nodes .
a blood test that is positive for cat scratch disease .
a microscopic examination of a removed lymph node that shows signs of cat scratch disease.
Facts About Cat Scratch- there are ways to prevent cat scratch,such as,good hand-washing after playing with a cat, avoiding scratches and bites, and avoiding cat saliva will lessen the risk of infection.
sometimes symptoms do not show themselves for seven days to two months after the incident.
kittens more so than adult cats are the primary carriers of the bacteria; consequently kittens are more likely to convey the disease to others than adult cats
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