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Sp and Ex Psychology 1 - Intro & Personality

Introduction to the Module and Personality

Alice Tocknell

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Sp and Ex Psychology 1 - Intro & Personality

Sport and Exercise Psychology
Assessment Schedule
Module Guide
Personality is...
Introduction to the Module
Alice Tocknell
1. Know the effect of personality, motivation and aggression on sports performance
2. Know the impact of arousal, stress and anxiety sports performance
3. Know the psychology of group dynamics in sports environments
4. Know the psychological factors that affect people in exercise environments

What do you know
about Sports Psychology?
The Role of Psychology in Sport
Are we born
with a personality?
Assessment 1: Written Assignment:
Personality, Motivation and Aggression

Assessment 2: Poster Defense:
Group Dynamics

Assessment 3: Written Assignment:
Stress, Anxiety, Arousal.

Assessment 4: Informative leaflet:
Psychology of Exercise

Theories Social Learning
Effect on performance
Types of Personality Athletes vs Non-Athletes
Intrinsic Extrinsic Achievement Motivation
Effect of Motivation on Perfomance
Causes of stress Eustress/Distress
Effect on performance
Symptoms of anxiety Negative mental state
Effect on performance
Group Dynamics
Stages of group development
Group effectiviness
Group Cohesion
Psychology of Exercise
Reasons why people exercise

Barriers to exercise

Determinants of exercise adherence

Behavior change models
What psychological skills would
these athletes need?
The sum of the characteristics that make a person unique
What do you notice about the
personalities of these
different athletes?
What you knew about sports psychology

Assessment Structure

Whats is the role of psychology in sport?

"I have to move on now as there is no point to dwell on the past. I have a few days to refocus and get ready for the 200m on Friday. After this I have the 4×x100m and a few other races before the end of the season."
Has there been a time when you have got something wrong in a game even though you know how to perform the skill well? Why do you think that happened?
Discuss in small groups
Usain Bolt, after he was disqualified for jumping the gun in the 100m final at the 2011 World Track and Field Championship
Control the controllable...
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