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Jared Roth


jared roth

on 27 October 2009

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Transcript of Jared Roth

Jared Roth TREATY OF VERSAILLES This is where they signed the
treaty. This is where every one meet
to sign the treaty. David Lloyd Woodrow Wilson Georges Clemenceau The Treaty of Versailles was a peace
settlement. It had 440 articels in it.
It began in 1919 and was finished
several months later after hard bargining.
It ws presented to Germany in May 1919.
The treaty wanted Germany to stop fighting
with the Allies. The U.S. disagreed with it because they didn't want to punish
Germany or take any land from them they just wanted to end all the wars.
The countries affected by the treaty
was Germany and the Allies from WW1.
The Big 3
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