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The 8 parts of speech


Beverly Marquez

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The 8 parts of speech

Parts Of Speech The Eight definition Noun Example A word that names a person, place or thing. Girl, Vaughn mills,
ice cream Vaughn mills Girl Verb Ice cream Definition Example Tells what action a subject is
performing, has performed,
or will performed. Run, walk, talk Run Walk Talk Pronouns Definition Example A word in a place of
a noun or nouns. Him, she , and them Him She Them Proper Nouns Definition Names of particular
persons, place or things
and begins with a capital letter. Examples One Direction, Selena Gomez One Direction Selena Gomez Adjective Definition Examples Short, light, beautiful Short Light Beautiful Interjection Definition Examples A word that expresses surprise or strong feelings. BOOM!, kAPOW! A word that describes or gives more
information about a noun or pronoun. Adverbs Definition Example A word that describes the
the verb, adjectives, or adverbs
and tells where, when, how and to what extent. slowly, quickly,
energetically Slowly Quickly Energetically A word that connects
words or group of words. Definition Example And, or , but Conjunctions AnD oR BuT Preposition Definition Example A word that shows relationship between
a noun and another word Behind, next to,
under Each slide show goes by
BLUE then GREEN. Every slide has at least more
than one photo. Information About
The Project Sites i went on
for this project http://myclass.peelschools.org/PDSBWS/wElementarySiteList.aspx?SchoolNumber=1481 _ _ http://www.google.ca/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi _ http://myclass.peelschools.org/ele/6/25614/default.aspx THANKS 4
WATCHING! _ special thx to MRS. THAPER Gill:D Every slide has
a title. Every slide has a
definition. Each slide has
an example. Each slide will
blow your socks
OFF! 1 2 3 4 5 6
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