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3-12 urbain warren poverty in Brazil

No description

Tyler Urbain

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of 3-12 urbain warren poverty in Brazil

But we can fix
this problem Poverty in Brazil by:Hunter Warren and Tyler Urbain ''poverty is a major issue because it kills
25,000 people a day'' says Dom Camara By donating to the Red cross, they will take
care of the people living in poverty in Brazil.
By feeding them and giving them medication. But if we don't help them,then they will end up in the grave. Poverty dates back to the time of African slaves and when they traveled to Brazil. The African slaves were in poverty because of items and treasures were taken
away from them by explorers
and each other.
Poverty is caused by the lack
of jobs and the fact that most jobs in Brazil are very low paying. Poverty is an issue in Brazil because
of the thousands that die each day. They all could have a better life, but no one really knows it. Those people could of been the people that saved the earth, or made history!!!.But instead they passed away and did not have a real life. And the more we donate to the Red Cross the more smiles and cheers there will be in the world that we are missing today. Statistics The History of Poverty We need your help to save these innocent
people and kids Map of Brazil's poverty Our info comes from:
npc michigan university
For example; the US federal poverty level for 1 person is $10,830.
In 2009 21.4% of Brazil's population was below the poverty line.
4.8 million survive with no income at all.
35,000 people per year die of fire arms at a young age. Brazil's poverty level
and reasons why. no minimum wage
not enough jobs
low paying jobs Conclusion

We should give money to the Red Cross to help the poor provide water, food, shelter, and even medical assistance. The supplies would help the poor by preventing diseases, hunger, and malnutrition. Lets solve this problem!
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