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The Decline in Church Activity

No description

Sharene Larsen

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of The Decline in Church Activity

____ of you go to the right side of the room
____ of you go to the left side of the room
The Problem
43% of those active in church during their teenage years will no longer be active by age thirty”
-David Kinnaman
What it Means
Lawyer Dallin H. Oaks, in a speech given at the Chapman University School of Law in Orange, California, said “Moral [or religious] relativism leads to a loss of respect for religion and even to anger against religion and the guilt that is seen to flow from it. As it [moral relativism] diminishes religion, it encourages the proliferation of rights that claim ascendency over the free exercise of religion.”
Speech Outline
Summarize the research behind the problem of religious inactivity, including the history of church attendance and the reasons why people leave
What it Means
With the loss of religious identity among more and more Americans, religious freedom is becoming less important to society, and increasingly threatened

New ideas about being “spiritual but not religious” have become increasingly popular
The Decline in Church Activity
Introduce a plan to combat the issue and encourage religious activity in young adults, and ultimately bolster increased support for religious freedom
In the 1920’s and 1930’s, “the language of Christianity became the language of American patriotism.”

"Religious traditions—most particularly Christianity—are being reshaped through an intense global interest in spiritual experience and personal faith."
History of Worship
Why People Leave
Youth struggle with feeling religion is worth their time and energies due to basic doctrinal misconceptions about God and His purposes

Negative experiences with religion cause people to alienate themselves from the body of believers

Often people don't feel like they "fit in"; type-alike communities are created
The Plan
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