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Birth Control

No description

Jenny El-Fakir

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Birth Control

Discussion Question #2
Photos-Name that birth control
More common to Teens: Condoms and the Pill
Condoms: protect against the spread of STDs, barrier method and very effective

Birth Control Pill: hormonal method, oral contraceptive, also very effective and has other health benefits

What are the different types of birth control methods?
The Pill
Barrier method: physical methods of birth control
condoms, female condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, and sponges with use of spermicide
Intrauterine methods (IUDs): physical barrier inserted into a woman’s uterus.
Hormonal methods: increase of estrogen and progestin in the female body.
Injections, implants, oral contraceptives (pills and mini-pills), patches, and vaginal rings are methods of increasing hormone levels.
The natural method: no protection
use of the rhythm method or withdrawal
Emergency Contraception: usually in the form of a pill like Plan-B. This is a last resort option for birth control.
Health Benefits and Side effects of the Pill
Discussion Question #3
Why is birth control so controversial?
Discussion Question #1
What is Birth Control?
History and Controversy
Everything you need to know.....
make menstrual periods more regular
protect against pelvic inflammatory disease
protect against ovarian and endometrial cancers
pills decrease menstrual bleeding and cramping
reduce acne.

Birth Control
Simply put, birth control is the prevention of pregnancy
There are four overarching categories of birth control:
barrier methods
intrauterine devices
hormonal methods
natural methods
***there is also emergency contraception
Rare but serious risks: high blood pressure, blood clots, blockage of arteries, and possible increase in risk of breast cancer
common and less serious side-effects: headaches, migraines, weight gain, nausea, depression, irregular bleeding, and breast tenderness
pre-20th century
The Pill is born
The Pill hits commercial markets

****feminist movement

****Griswold V. Connecticut
Attack from the Religious Right
The rise of Christian Fundamentalists on the political right gave rise to the fight against women's reproductive rights:

Roe v. Wade (1973)
Eisenstadt v. Baird (1972)

****contraception and abortion become tied together
****become two of the most important party platform issues

More Court Cases
Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992)
1994– Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act is passed
2005 – The U.S. Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (implemented in January 2007) prevented college health centers and many health care providers from participating in the drug pricing discount program, which formerly allowed contraceptives to be sold to students and women of low income in the United States at low cost.

Current Issues
Obamacare (2011)
all private insurance plans are required to provide contraceptive coverage to women without a co-pay or deductible
Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby (2014)

Birth of Birth Control:
Ancient Times: cave paintings in Lascaux, France which is home to some of the oldest cave paintings, contains images of ancient condoms.

***since then women have been practicing different forms of birth control throughout time

The practice of birth control was common throughout the U.S. prior to 1914, when the movement to legalize contraception began

Outlawed in 1870s during temperance and purity movements
Margaret Sanger
“Woman Rebel” Margaret Sanger set up the first birth control clinic in Brooklyn New York—American Birth Control League

***later becomes Planned Parenthood Federation of America
***start of movemnet for reproductive rights for women
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Why it is relevant....
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