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Paul Cézanne

No description

Gwendolyn Buckendorf

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne
Still Life with Fruit (1898)
The Peppermint Bottle (1895)
The Boy in the Red Vest (1890)
The Basket of Apples (1893)
Milk Can and Apples (1880)
My Painting- Still life with Fruit
Born January 19, 1839 in Aix-en Province, France
son of a wealthy bank owner and his mother was a romantic housewife
childhood friend was Emile Zola, a writer
father disapproved of his love of the arts
1852- attended Collège Bourbon
1862- rejected from Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris
1862- attends Académie Suisse in Paris
late 1860's- goes into isolation in Aix to better paint
1872- moved to Pontoise, France to work with famous painter Pissarro
late 1870's- withdraws from impressionism
1880's- lives in isolation to paint nature for post-impressionism
Died October 22, 1906 in Aix
The life of Paul Cézanne
Started out as an impressionist
dark colors, religious subjects

1872-1874: started to paint from nature
fresh, vibrant colors

starts new phase of art
Impressionist colleagues reject him
Progress of Art
the rejection of impressionism
more ambitious than impressionism
tested the boudaries of the artist
short brushstrokes
more contemporary
led the path for modernism
painters usually worked in private
exhibited artwork together
Man in a blue cap (1866)
Washing of a Corpse (1869)
Married to Hortense Fiquet

Ended friendship with Emile Zola
after Zol's first published book
about a poor failure painter
Cézanne believed Zola
wrote this about him

Known as the "Father of Modern Art"
founder of post-impressionism
Small Facts
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