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During the Holocaust, from 1933-1945, there were 445,000 con

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Sarah Spencer

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of During the Holocaust, from 1933-1945, there were 445,000 con

The town we are leaders of are 100 of the 90,000 Jews to attempt to escape.
In 1939, World War II began and that is when we plan to escape to Soviet Union-Nazi-Free, Allied China to meet American sponsors.
During the Holocaust, from 1933-1945, there were 445,000 confirmed Jews living in Hungary. In 1941, 20,000 of those people were taken away to work for the Germans/Soviet Union
5 groups of 20 will go to 5 different train stations. A Polish station, Yugoslavian station, Romanian station, Lithuanian station, and a Western Russian station.
Each group will have 1 leader that will tell the Americans the extent of what is happening in Sighet and other parts of Jewish communites in Hungary and to ask for a sponsorship to immigrate to America.
The End
Flight Tactic
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