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gs students

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of GREEK AGORA

most of the trade was done by private merchantswho went to port to port to trade.

Athens was at heart of greek trade.

Greek exports were oil, wine, pots, statues, metalwork, cloth and books.
In the middle of every greek city you will find an Agora.

the agora was the heart of the trading in the city.

Farmers and other merchants would also sell their produce at the Agora
Greek coins where made of electrum.

they were first made about the 7th centery.

coins started to spread rapidlyto the lonianGreekcolinies and later to the mainland

Weights and Measures
Traders in and around the agra were controlled by officials known as metronomoi

In athens, ten of the citizens were chosen to check the weights and measures.
Money changers and Bankers
each city-state issued its own coins.

so people from another country had to go to a money changer.

this was the start of banking.

a lot of times the greek Agora had a statue
Picture of the Agora
the doors you see are the store fronts
example of a statue
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