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Their characteristics & comparison with heroes

Catherine Shumaker

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Anti-heroes

The 5 Types of

The Anti-hero
in Film and

Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr
--Flaunts laws or acts contrary to society's standards
--Often a maverick or a screw-up (scruffy, obnoxious)
--Often immoral
--Can be an outsider, loner, or rebel willing to take law
into his/her own hands
--A failed hero or deeply flawed
--Has complicated motives; plays both sides at times with
little remorse for bad behaviors
What is an Anti-hero?
An Anti-hero is
unorthodox . . .
Has a conventional moral code
Is somehow extraordinary
Is always proactive, striving, decisive
Succeeds at ultimate goals
Motivated by something virtuous
Always faces monstrous opposition
A good guy (knight in shining armor)
Complex but unambivalent
Has a quirky & individual moral code
Passive & indecisive (pushed to action)
Can be a tarnished knight & sometimes a criminal
Motivated by primitive, lower nature
Conclusion won't always find him/her changed
Battles authority with often selfish motives
A bad guy in manner & speech
Complicated character demanding thought on issues
Hero, Anti-hero, or Villain?
A protagonist who lacks the traditional qualities
of a hero and disturbs the reader with his/her
weaknesses yet is sympathetically portrayed
. . . but is a
character the
reader roots for
--is understandable by the story events
--has a starring role
--is realistic & relatable
--possesses underlying pathos
Immoral - violates morals for goals
Powerful - in magic or resources
(wealth & influence)
Intelligent & cunning - avoids stupid
Wounded - physical, emotional, or
psychological disfigurements
Determined - unstoppable drive to
achieve goal
The Classical Anti-Hero
- Terrible in a fight
- Not that bright
- Riddled with self-doubt
- Decisions based on self-preservation
- Must conquer own fears to fight threat
The "Disney" Anti-Hero
- Fundamentally good
- More sarcastic & realistic
- Puts logic before honor
- Must confront internal conflicts in order to develop into a classical hero
The Pragmatic Anti-Hero
- Often neutral in morality
- May sacrifice something or someone for the
greater good (& kill those who had it coming!)
- Willing to do good through "not nice" actions
- May NOT end up a classical hero
The Unscrupulous Hero
- As dark as you can get while being good
- Morality made up of shades of grey
- Usually lives in a crappy setting
- Distrusts humanity
- Leans toward violence (big on revenge)
- Doesn't care how much damage he causes
to reach his goals
The "Hero" in Name Only
(Nominal Hero)
- Fights for good with no good motive
- Intentions are selfish or maybe they're just bored
- Amoral or maybe even malevolent
- Considered "heroes" because the villains they
fight are much worse
- No chance of becoming the classical hero

Hero or Anti-hero??
Can you tell the difference?
A hero is admired, an anti-hero is misunderstood, and a villain is pure evil.
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