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Angel Last name

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Science

DNA is made up of two long nucleotides at first it looks like a ladder but then it twists to look almost like one of those toys you play on when you little at the playground. The placing of the nucleotides determines the heredity characteristics.
Chromosomes are in the cells nucleus. Pieces of DNA have many parts of genes this is a chromosome.
Strings of DNA have parts called genes, each of these genes determines a trait.
Some traits that I know of are hair color, shape of noses, shapes of your eyes, and shape of your face. All these things are determined by you genes like maybe you look like you mom that means that your traits are similar.
Different Traits
We all have different traits because our DNA is all different because there are billions of different combinations of gene orders. This means we all have something different even down to the tiniest molecule. Such as my sister and I, I have straight hair but my sister has curly hair also I have really soft hair and hers is course.
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