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Using Water

English Project : Using Water - 2013

Camila Rodriguez

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Using Water

Wells collect groundwater. However, wells (especially shallow ones) are not always reliable sources of water because
they can become contaminated by run-off in the rainy seasons or dry up in the dry seasons.
Borehole and electric pump
A borehole is a very deep well drilled
into the ground using special machinery.
A standpost is an outside tap where a number of households can go to get water.

An aqueduct is a channel or pipe that transports water from a far-off source to a town, city, or agricultural area.
How we access fresh water
Over the centuries, humans have devised a variety of ingenious methods of tapping into the water supply.
The ancient Romans were famous for their aqueducts, which ran on high arches, along the ground in stone channels or through underground tunnels to bring fresh water to people in cities.
House Connection
Public standposts are connected
to the public water distribution system and controlled by a
public water company, while private standposts are not.
Piped water from the public water distribution
system that reaches the home or yard. When people have house connections, they usually have indoor plumbing as well; if they have yard taps, they have to go outside to get water.
Boreholes are used when the water is a long way below the surface or when the ground is too hard to dig a well by conventional means.
As they are so deep, an electric pump is needed to bring water to the surface.
Using Water

Rodríguez, Guadalupe; Pereyra, Camila; Juan, Sofía; Luque, Antonella
3º "C"
Geraldine Moro
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