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compare and contrast the watsons go to birmingham

No description

T'erra Chatmon

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of compare and contrast the watsons go to birmingham

has a lazy eye.
Compare and contrast
The Wastons go to Birmingham 1963
* he is the middle child.
*bullied at school.
*friends with Rufus.
* the good child.
*almost died.
*he is bald.
*mean to kenny in the begining.
*friends with bup head.
bullies kenny.
*nick name point Dexter.
*saved kenny
always bad
The same about Kenny and Byron
*both boys.
*both black.
Summary about the watsons go to Birmingham 1963
The book Watsons go to Birmingham is about a family and there names are Kenny Byron joetta Wilona and Daniel.They are from flint Michigan. the watsons decide to take a trip down to Alabama Birmingham one of the one of the darkest moments of Americas history. But before they went to Birmingham Daniel watson got a record player he called it the ultra glide. Also they had to stay at there grandma sands house. and by the house there was a place called colliers landing there was a public pool and a lake that was closed down. Byron told Kenny not to go in the lake there was a wool pool. but Kenny did not listen he almost died but byron saved him read more to find out
this book is really good
By Daniel Garcia
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