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Your Egypt Interactive Textbook.

Why use heavy hardcover books when you could go online as your textbook?

Rachel Seah

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Your Egypt Interactive Textbook.

Egypt Cool facts about Egypt Climate is very dry, almost no rainfall. Annual floods from June-October Egypt loves to belly dance! Writings were in hieroglyphics EGYPT IS COOL! Myths Geography Northeast corner of Africa on the Medditerranean Sea Nearly one and one half times
the size of Texas Bibliography History Egypt dates back to about 4000B.C. In 525B.C.,
Persia conqured Egypt, but Alexander the Great
got it backat 332 B.C. Kingdoms like the Old, Middle, and New passed. Predynastic, Early Dynastic, First Intermediate,
Second Intermediate, Third Intermediate, and
Late Dynastic were periods that passed. Our personal myths Real Egyptian myths My myth is about me visiting the Subterranean Chambers where king was buried and along with his treasure and the king was very rich and powerful, and lived in a big palace. The king had a son named Rampu. He was tall, handsome and had pretty eyes. But then one day the king became very ill and died. The king had left everything to Rampu including the palace, treasure and power. That night someone had taken the precious medallion! It was up to Raqmpu and I to figure out who had taken it. At the end I was the hero.
- Zulie Silva My myth begins with me being destined to kill and evil Pharaoh who wants to kill all in the world. After training for years I set off to find a sword with mystical powers that gives wisdom and strength to all who posses it. I am then told by a nameless man that to know if I’ve truly am done training I have to first steal a map and key. When I find the items I go to the dessert where I find the sword and then use the power of the sword to kill the pharaoh.
- Chris Gray Music could be played on an ancient lyre Ancient Egypt had it's own fashion sense By: Rosa Martinez, Rachel Seah, Zulie Silva, Jonathan Vargas, Chris Gray Divided into 4 main parts:
The Nile Valley, Arabian Desert, Lybian Desert, and Sinai Egypt has only 2 seasons: summer and winter Winter is December through March, summer is the rest of the year. Average temperature for winter is 55-70 degrees F. Average tempterature for summer is 80-90 degrees F. Summer can go as high as 110 F. My myth was about how my younger sister and I were abducted by a strange Egyptian man that took us from our hom eto save a statue that was hidden at the top of the Grand Gallery room( A room in the pyramid of Giza). There I must get over my fear of heights so I can save my sister from near doom. Once the statue is recovered. We both wake up in our beds thinking if what we just both remember and experienced really was just a mere dream.
- Rosa Martinez Creation
The myth Creation is about gods creating the world in their own version. There was only one god in the world named Atum. The god was a bisexual god, and he wanted to mate with another person and produce more gods because he felt lonely. The birth of his children were by spitting out his son, and vomiting his daughter. This god had a happy family. Isis & Osiris
The story of Isis and Osiris basically tells the story of the brother and sister's life. Osiris was an earthly ruler, who was popular with his subjects. His brother Set was jealous of his popularity and rebeled against him. He was going to kill Osiris, and set up a trap consisting of a casket with an inescapeable lock, then drowning him. In the end, Set threw his body into the Nile and killed him. His wife, Isis was sad. Their son Horus found out about Set killing his father and battled him and won. Horus then found Osiris's, body and Isis breathed him back to life Ground is rock, bumpy, and sandy The Seven Year Famine
This myth talks about how a drought caused a seven year famine that caused a lot of death and how the king fixed it. The god Khnemu the creator told the king that Nile will rise every year so that the city could grow enough food to survive and feed everybody. But, the khnemu complained that nobody repaired his shrine, so the king being thankful for the Nile rising every year proclaimed that a tax for all food purchased in the city would go towards maintain the shrine. Some Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Aabit
She's a singing Goddess who rules over music, song, voice, and arts. Ma'at
The goddess of moral law, order, and truth. She had eight children. The children became chief gods of Hermopolis. She is depicted as a woman standing instead of sitting down. She also wears a hat with an ostrich feather on it. Ra
The god of sun. Was the most important of all and is above most all. It was believed that Ra was swallowed every night by the sky goddess. It was also believed he traveled through the underworld and was reborn every morning. Lost in 3100BC is a short story written by Rachel, who is in a fictional story where she finds a mysterious door in the back of her closet. She opens and goes through it only to realize that it’s a magic portal that brought her back to ancient Egypt. Rachel is roaming around Egypt trying to figure out a way to get back home. She gets caught up inside one pyramid of Giza to try to find her magic portal door. But competition arrives when historians try to look for the door too. Rachel finds it first in the pyramid and goes through it ending up in a hallway with many different door portals. She finds the door that was the same as the one in her closet and goes through it. She’s back in her own time zone and decides not to tell anyone this adventure, but to keep this story for her grandchildren. "Egypt." Infoplease. Highbeam Research, LLC, 2005. Web. 4 May 2011.
"EGYPT." Web.
Dyson, Jr., Robert H. "Egyptian Mythology,." Emayzine 2001. Web. 06 May 2011. <http://www.emayzine.com/lectures/egyptian.htm>.
Hart, Diane. "Chapter 19." Geography Alive! Regions and People. Palo Alto, CA: Teachers' Curriculum Institute, 2006. Print. Land has always been fertile because it boarders the Mediterranean Sea. Aumn
He is bisexual, and is the "creator" of the world. He made the plants, animals, and mates by himself
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