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Copy of Yearbook Theme Project

No description

eric pries

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Yearbook Theme Project

By: Kimberly Nioko Yearbook Project Theme Theme: Cover Proposal Shapes - Triangles
Pictures cropped to fit
Colors - Shades of gray. Head- AHJ Nashville
Subhead- AHJ Arizona
Copy- AHJ Jessica Regular
Captions and Bylines- AHJ Isabelle Regular Graphic Element: Text Choices: End Sheet Proposal Graphic Elements:
Picture cut-outs Text Choices:
AHJ Nashville
AHJ Arizona Title Page Proposal Graphic Elements:
Picture cut-out Text Choices:
AHJ Nashville
AHJ Jessica Regular Divider Graphic Elements:
Picture cut-outs Text Choices:
AHJ Nashville
AHJ Arizona Look A Closer The End As you flip through the pages of this book, take a good Let’s face it. Throughout our daily lives of hectic schedules, High school is many things. It is four unending years of rowdy alarms clocks, and late-night study sessions, we hardly get a second to stop and take a good look at the life around us, and we end up overlooking what high school is all about. roaming through hallways and countless hours in the classroom. It is where we experience our most joyful moments or even our most troubled. “It is where we grow a connection with others and especially ourselves,” Ariana Curbelo, 11, said. More importantly, high school is not just about grades and academics; it is about trying your hardest and overcoming any situation thrown at you. “In the end, it only makes you wiser and stronger,” Karla Cabrera, 11, said. Just take a closer look, and you’ll see the opportunities that lie under the challenges you face. look. Take a look at the friends who cared, the teachers who made an impact, and all the good times shared with others. “Don’t let yourself overlook these times and fail to appreciate these valuable moments,” Xiomara Padilla, 11, said. This year’s book captures it all, just take a closer look. Opening Copy
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