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Summary Writing for Informational Texts

No description

J. McKeown

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Summary Writing for Informational Texts

What you'll need to know ...
Read the article and name the topic.

Then, find the main idea.
If the article has a
, use it to help you identify the topic and the main idea.

Ex: “Saving Lives Through Gun Control”
Don’t confuse the topic with the main idea.
The topic answers the question:
"What is this article about?"

Gun control
is a topic NOT a main idea.
The main idea answers the question
"What does
the author say about the topic?"

Ex: The author argues that
gun control
will reduce the number of senseless deaths in the United States.
(this is a main idea)

Step #2:
Write a topic sentence that includes the
main idea

Ex: “Saving Lives Through Gun Control,” by George Alexander, explores how controlling the availability of guns reduces the number of people killed through gun violence.
Step #3:
at least one
supporting detail from the original article and write a sentence about it.
Step #4:
Write at least
more sentence that expands on the supporting detail.

Begin with a phrase like
“For example”
to say more about it.
Put your ideas in the same order as they are in the article.

This is a
logical order
include your personal opinion.
STEP #5:
Write a
concluding sentence
that connects back to the topic sentence and main idea.
What is the
of this summary?
What is the
main idea
two details
from the summary into your notes.
Is there a clear
topic sentence
Is there a clear
concluding sentence
Viola Desmond was a pioneer in the civil rights movement in Canada. In 1946, she bought a ticket to see a movie at a theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She was told she had to sit in the balcony because she was African-Canadian. She refused and sat downstairs anyway. Eventually Viola Desmond was charged and convicted with tax evasion, but she didn’t give up her fight for equality. Because of these events she helped to end racial segregation in Canada.
STEP #2:
Write a topic sentence that
includes the
main idea

Ex: “Saving Lives Through Gun Control,” by Simon Marcellin, explores how controlling the availability of guns reduces the number of people who are killed through gun violence.
*is a shortened, condensed version of articles, stories, songs, films, etc., to share the main ideas of the piece

*maintains the same tone as the original writer
you’ll usually find the main idea in the first and last sentences of each paragraph.
Main Idea
Do not use quotations in your summary.

You have to show your understanding by
putting important details in YOUR OWN WORDS!
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