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Constellation Prezi

No description

Scott Ferriell

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Constellation Prezi

Ferriell 2012 Constellation Prezi Rubric Content Self created story Excel Background/font Spelling/grammar Mixed Media Effort/Deadline To receive a score of "10" for this category,
students must demonstrate the following:
Accurate information based on documented sources including; a historical story created to explain the constellation, information about stars within the constellation, and location/directional information. To receive a score of "10", student should create a detailed account different from published stories about their constellation. Student should use creativity, and not simply "throw" their items into the heavens. Has the student done the "bare minimum?" Has the student pushed their self, and though outside of the box? Has the student tried to do something they have never tried to incorporate into a prezi before?
10 pts possible. To receive a "10", prezi must not contain any grammatical errors. Points deducted based on quantity of mistakes. Does the background or font add or take away from the presentation? Does it make sense? Is it easy for the audience to read? 5pts possible. Student should incorporate some picture or digital image/film of their constellation within the night sky. Students may utilize classroom cameras, if they are able to find their constellation in our current night sky. 10 pts possible. Does the student utilize class time effectively? Does the student make excuses why something will not work? Is the prezi complete by 12-14-12? "Do or do not, there is no try." 10 pts possible.
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