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Pro - natalist policy in Sweden

No description

Danuta Krasowska

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Pro - natalist policy in Sweden

Pro natalist policy in Sweden
Definition ...
Pronatliast policy of a particular country is introduced by the government. The policy, aiming for more births and faster population growth, have been pursued in times and places where national well-being has been equated with population size. Sweden is the example of a nation given to worrying about the size of its population.
What does the pronatalist policy promotes?
Why Sweden is consdered as a country with pronatalist policy?
Ageing society
Well-developed country
Negative or small natural increase
Low total fertility rate
Historical facts which determine pro-natalism in Sweden
Pro - natalist policy in Sweden
What is pro - natalist policy of population?
In modern times, several developed countries provide examples of pro-natalist policies, though each has different motives and different approaches.
increase of children, which should not be a reason to get good incentives
overpopulation of the world
Cannot be applied to LEDCs due to the overpopulation that they are already experiencing
Identifies good governmental action and implementation
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