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Fate vs Free will

No description

camila cabrera

on 19 August 2017

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Transcript of Fate vs Free will

Fate and Free will
By: Camila Cabrera
: Meets Clarisse.
Free will
: Decides to talk to her instead of ignoring her.
: He starts to question his happiness.
: See that a lady burns w her books instead of leaving them behind.
Free will
: He begins to read a book.
: He realizes books have a meaning and that they can't be burned any more.
: Mildred turns Montage in, things escalate to the point where Montage is being chased by the entire town.
Free will
: He chooses to leave the town.
: He escapes the bombing in the town and is able to meet people with his same goal, to save the books.
Fate and free will go hand by hand when it comes to determining a persons destiny
Fate vs Free will
: an event occurs that was beyond an individual’s control
Free will
: when a person has full control over their choice
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