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atomic theory time travel

No description

taco bell

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of atomic theory time travel

Atomic Theroy By Mike and Daniel Bohr Rutherford Atomic model RUTHERFORD Mendeleev Thompson John Dalton Atomic model Lovoisier Democritus John Dalton's model shows a tiny solid sphere All matter consisted of extremely small particles that can not be divided. Discovered and grouped the known
elements into catogroies known as
metals, nonmetals, gasses, and earths All matter is made up of individual particles called atoms
(1803) Mendeleev arranged elements into rows in order of increasing mass so that elements with similar properties were in the same column. According to Rutherford model all of the atoms positive charge is cancer treated in its nucleus Electrons move in a spherical orbits at fixed distances from the nucleus An atom has a dense positive charge nucleus that move electrons randomly in the space around Thompsons Atomic Model represents that atoms are made up of both positive and negative electrons. Thompsons expirement were the first to discover molecules are made up of smaller particles Bohrs atomic model The electrons move in spherical orbits at fixed distances from the nucleus Electron Cloud Model A mathmatical equation to
describe the mothion of
electrons in atoms Thompsons expirement he had a sealed glass tube from which most air was removed. wires connected to a metal disk to a source of an electrical current Rutherfords Expirement The gold foil expirement had a narrow beam of alpha particles pointing at gold screen aroud gold was made of a material that produces a flash of light when struck by a fast moving alpha particle
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