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Themes in Contemporary Art: Identity

No description

Elizabeth Mackey

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Themes in Contemporary Art: Identity

Themes in Contemporary Art: Identity
What is identity?
How artists work out their identity: gender/sexuality, ethnicity/ race, communal/ individual
Identity in Art History
"The ways in which humans understand themselves, or concieve of their identity, are constantly changing."
Identity Politics
"A term used to refer to the beliefs and activities of those who target racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice and work for social rights and economic parity."
Identity is Constructed
Otherness and representation
Post Identity
Identity is Communal or Relational
Roland Barthe

social and cultural identity: Carrie Mae Weems: http://carriemaeweems.net/galleries/kitchen-table.html
"Identity is the most public aspect of self" - Angela Sabates
page 44
Deconstructing Difference
The Fluidity of Identity
Essentialism- overly generalized or stereotyped notions of identity ex) Kerry James Marshall
Diversity- internal differences within community ex) Lyle Ashton Harris
Hybridity- When cultures influence one another ex) Hung Liu and Will Wilson
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