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Untitled Prezi

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Elamaran Annalingam

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Presentation Newspaper Front Page Toronto Metro (Tabloid) THE GLOBE AND MAIL (Broadsheet) Overall Analysis Hi class today we are comparing two Newspaper companies and how they present their news !!! First let`s look at ........... By: Elamaran.A Headline with a bit
of humor. Dateline is in the top
left corner of the paper The next news paper is ......... ? Lotto 649 advertisement at top right corner,in most cases that means Lotto 649 is a sponsor of the newspaper The flag isn't really big but very easy to spot and know what newspaper it is . Big and bold headline, with texts having a cliffhanger effect making the reader want to read the article, but there isn't any picture for the headline. The sub head gives little bit more info than the headline but the reader has to continuing on reading to understand more about the article Picture has a lot of relevance to the article,but doesn't give to much information flag, very simple and readable Dateline right under the flag At the corner of the page has a small link to entertainment section, for people who follow entertainment news. The main headline, is in bold font and a bit bigger that the other headlines,meaning that's what the want the reader to read first or see first. Has index with some articles from around the world and what pages the articles are on. Able to fit more news articles than Toronto Metro
(more text) less text than THE GLOBE AND MAIL For both newspapers their target audience is mainly adults,the excluded audiences are teens and children The main reason how it appeals to adults is by how they are able to understand and perceive on what the article is trying saying to say unlike children The reason why the papers appeal to adults is because they cover news that most adults want to know about and need to know about The audience that would feel excluded would be teens because now a days some teens do read the newspaper but they don't find anything they should know or want to know the could feel a bit offended to Both the Toronto Metro and The Globe and Mail could expand their audience by maybe having a section were teens write articles that teens could relate too (creates jobs too),or make a kids sections were there is games, or short stories that kids look at Thank you for Listening,
Hope you have great afternoon ! Byline Jump Caption, gives a bit of information of the what is in the picture Jump Lede paragraph Quotation Sub head
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