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Steal their style

No description

Mani Sharma

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Steal their style

Steal Their Style Johnny depp was born in June 9 1963 and is a american actor and as two children. After several small roles, johnny landed his first legitimate movie role in the film Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).Afterwords, johnny started studying acting. The lessons paid off in 1987, then he landed a role on the TV show 21 Jump Street. Johnny Depp -Lost tribe t-shirt: $14.99
-denim jeans: $90.00
-Black leather Boots: $59.99
-Fedora Hat: $49.99
-Leather Wallet: $42.00
-Skull Beaded Bracelet: $17.51 Johnny Depp's Clothing -Fedora Hat: $32.94 (Lids)
-Denim Jeans: $27.50 (west49)
-Black Lather Boots: $49.99 (pay less)
-T-shirt: $12.94 (old navy)
-Lather wallet: $25.00 (west49)
-skull Beaded Bracelet: $7.00 (Urban Behavior) The Same Clothing That I Found
fedora hat:$49.99
bracelet:$17.51 Comparing
Fedora hat:$32.94
bracelet:$7.00 $49.99
+ ---------
$274.48 Both prices $32.94
+ ---------
$154.88 $274.48
+ ---------
$429.36 The total coast in a variety of ways This the total price for the clothes i found. This is the total price for johnny deeps clothes four hundred two thousand,nine hundred,thirty six 400 00+20 00+9 00+30+6 My design is better then johnny deeps because its cheaper and my clothes cost less then his. my clothes are cheap and best because i bought these from the outlet stores but his clothes are costly because he bought these from retail stores. who's design is better clothes i found johnny Depp By Mani
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