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Chapter 11: No Pollard, No Seabiscuit

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Sierra Savage

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 11: No Pollard, No Seabiscuit

Chapter Eleven: No Pollard, No Seabiscuit Disqualification December 7, 1937 Pollard was riding at Tanforan on Howard's colt Exhibit.
Exhibit was disqualified.
Pollard had a chance of being suspended for the incident.
Stewards over punished Pollard: suspended for rest of Tanforan , stewards asked he be suspended all races in California until the end of the year, he was also not allowed to race in stakes races.

The Howard's were very upset about the suspension. Howard's response to the suspension was "No Pollard, No Seabiscuit." Seabiscuit Not Racing Howard began scratching and pulling Seabisuit from many races. Pollard suggested that George Woolf ride Seabiscuit, but Howard wouldn't agree. December 22, chairman of the California Horse Racing Commission banned Pollard from racing until January 1, 1938.
In reaction to this Howard pulled Seabiscuit from racing on Christmas day.
Seabiscuit was entered to race in the New Years Handicap the day Pollards suspension ended. Training Not So Secret Anymore The press started to catch on to Smith's training times.
He began to wait until the reporters and timers all left until starting workouts. On January 21 Tom Smith did a workout with Seabiscuit and Pollard in front of a handful of clockers and reporters.
People started getting suspisious of his actions and thought it was a different horse doing the workout not Seabiscuit. Scratched Again Seabiscuit was scratched from the New Years Handicap because he was weighted at 132.
Rumors began that Seabiscuit was lame because no one was seeing him workout and he wasn't racing. Injured Fair Knightress was racing Mandingham and they collided leaving Pollard's chest crushed. Because of his injury Pollard could not ride in the Santa Anita Handicap.
Instead Woolf would be racing Seabiscuit. Horse of the Year Febuary 28 Seabiscuit recieved the Horse and Horseman plaque for Horse Of The Year Sponging Sponging is sticking a sponge up in a horses nostrils to effect their breathing and it threatens the horses life and is hard to detect. James Manning was arrested because of threats to sponge Seabiscuit.
Because he was arrested before the acts occurred his only punishment was to be banned from the state. Red Pollard and Seabiscuit George Woolf Questions Why was Exhibit disqualified from the race at Tanforan? When did Pollard's suspension end? Which side of Pollard's chest was crushed? What award did Seabiscuit win? Who was going to be riding Seabiscuit in the Santa Anita Handicap?
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