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The Matched Trilogy

No description

Ashfah Alam

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of The Matched Trilogy



by Ally Condie, Is the hottest YA title to hit stores since the hunger games and is a New York Times bestseller. With million copies all across bookstores, there can't be a better book. See a preview for yourself, then go buy it!

Throughout out all 3 books, Cassia has 1 mission. To love Ky. The only problem is that in the Society, officials decide everything. Even who you marry. Cassia travels beyond the Society to the Outer Provinces, and to the Rising, where she is sent to the center of the Society. Will Cassia reach Ky in the end? Or will the Society catch them first?
Now, with the sequel to
out and in the name of
there are new thrills awaiting us.

With the third and final book
Ally Condie is still on the ball with talent. Spicier than ever , comes the characters with an incredible storyline. Hope you enjoy!
True love is put to the test
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