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This prezi is about all the things and or people who inspired me in my life

Donte Toler

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Inspirtation

The person who inspred me most is my grandfather.
He has been there for me and my family when other people weren't.
He taught me everything good I know.
I can only wish to be the type of man he was.
My mom really inspires me with everything I do.
She raised 2 kids by herself. That takes a lot of patients and strength.
She shows me right and wrong.
She is a very successful person and I would love to be the type of person she is.
My grandmother also showed me a lot of things in life.
She has supported me and my family.
She helped me learn patience, and a lot of other important things you need to learn in life.
One major thing that I always think of that she taught me is life isn't always about winning. If you lose than don't give up, and if you win than enjoy your victory.
Famous People Who Have Inspired Me
Family Who Has Inspired Me
Tupac, and Biggie Smalls have really inspired my life also.
They changed music.
The way they effected me is, when I was sad or mad because of problems going on in life I would listen to there music. Other music doesn't talk about real life problems, only drugs, partying, and girls.
Muhammad Ali has inspired me also. He is a amazing boxer and one day I would love to even be half as good as him. He has inspired me to be a boxer. He is a very good boxer to look up to.
All in all I believe that you can learn or be influenced by seeing what not to do by others mistakes, or seeing what to do from good expierence.
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