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Cell Theory Timeline

Timeline of how the Cell Theory was gathered together by the co-founders of the theory

Chase Brewer

on 8 November 2010

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Transcript of Cell Theory Timeline

1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 1595, Zacharias Jansen invented
the first primative microscope that
magnified from 3-9 times the species. 1674, Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
observed yeast, bacteria, and
water under one of his microscopes. Anton also created a microscope
with different lens that provided
a magnification of 270 diameters. 1590, Zacharias Jansen experimented
with multiple lenses placed in a tube. 1635, Robert Hooke was born
on July 18th 1665, Robert Hooke looked
at a piece of cork through his
own microscope and noticed
small tiny rooms to which he
refered to as tiny rooms, or cells. Cell Theory Timeline Chase Brewer
11/6/10 6th Period
Mrs Nettunos Biology 1838, Matthias Scheiden views plant parts under a microscope and discovers they are also made of cells. 1839, Theodor Schwann views
animal parts under a microscope and discovers they are made of cells and that all living things are made of cells. 1855. Rudolph Virchow states
that all living cells come from
other living cells. 1668, Francesco Redi disproves
the spontaneous generation theory
by experimenting with rotten meat and
flies. He also stated that living things things come from other living things. His example was flies only come from other flies. 1864, Louis Pasteur did an experiment that proved that soup only spoils when it is exposed to unfiltered air that allows micro organisms to get to the soup. Cell Theory Summary The cell theory was a theory that stated that a cell is the basic building block of all life and the basic function of all living things.
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