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Summary of American Born Chinese

No description

Julie Nguyen

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Summary of American Born Chinese

Jin Wang - Chinese American boy that had trouble fitting in The Monkey King - Master of Kung-fu and ruler of Flower-Fruit Mountain Danny and Chin-Kee - American high school student, typical popular jock So how do these connect? Summary of American Born Chinese By: Julie N. - Jin had trouble with Amelia. Jin Wang and Danny - He fell in love with Amelia Harris, and eventually worked up the guts to ask her out. - Wei-Chen Sun is his best friend. - He was looked down upon, so he beat them up. - He was trapped under a pile of rocks by Tze-Yo-Tzuh. - A monk on a mission from Tze-Yo-Tzuh helped him get free. - Danny's Chinese cousin - Chin-Kee visits every year for a week or two. - His annual visit results in Danny transferring schools each year. - Danny doesn't like Chin-Kee at all. - So he transformed! Jin Wang = Danny The Monkey King and Chin-Kee - Danny and Chin-Kee had a fight that resulted in Danny punching Chin-Kee's head off. The Monkey King = Chin-Kee Wei-Chen Sun - Monkey King's oldest son - Transformed into a human to
become an emissary like his dad - He changed "Danny" back to his true form: Jin Wang. Story #1 Story #2 Story #3 - Wei-Chen failed his mission, and started rejecting visits from his dad.
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