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A map of the setting in the novel The Last Book in The Universe

Bradley Taylor

on 15 March 2013

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ZONE BULLY BANGERS MONKEY BOYS BURNING LATCH VANDALS EASTIES The Urb is the area that is inhabited by the normal people of the "future", or those without genetic improvements. The Urb contains more than a billion people. The Urb contains five different sections called latches. The Bully Bangers latch is run by the latch-boss Billy Bizmo which runs from the Easties and the pipe. Spaz lives in this latch with more than a millon other people. Spaz's house is an old crypt now called a stack-box. The Monkey Boys latch was run by Mongo the Magnificant with the residents running wild with Mongo looping in a probe for a year. Gorm the Great was the head Tek for Mongo until Ryter convinced him to become the new latch boss. Per request Gorm "banished" the group from the latch and escorts them to the edge of the latch. The burning latch was filled with smoke and building rubble. In this latch Ryter and Spaz find the proov Lanaya and head towards the Forbidden Zone. The Forbidden Zone is the area surrounding Eden. The Zone, as it is known, is filled with mines and unpassable unless in a Eden Takvee. In the Forbidden Zone they almost meet up with a patrol vehicle, but Lanaya steers them clear and heads them towards Bean. Lanaya takes the group to Eden. Eden is the center of the Urb and filled with a race of genetically improved people. The prooves probbably were in a bunker or pther building to withstand the quake with several people and plenty of technology to engineer the prooves as Spaz knows them "tomorrow". The Easties is the latch on the other side of the bully bangers. Not much is known or told about the Easties. Spaz just mentions the latch in the Beginning of the book. The Last Book in The Universe By Rodman Philbrick

Setting Map The Vandals latch is ruled by Lotti Getts, whom she calls herself the white widow. Bean lives in this ltach with her parents and Spaz's adoptive parents. The Vandal Latch is a loud and scary place with the black market and the vandals jetbikes.
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