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Colonial Simulation

A breakdown of what our 5th graders did and how that related to the colonial times.

Dan Carver

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Colonial Simulation

Stamp Act
Boston Tea Party
Townshend Acts
Intolerable Acts
Olive Branch Petition
Mr. Carver charges a tax for the use of paper. Must have his stamp on it.
Mr. Carver imposes a new tax on lunches
Mr. White's class brings cold lunch.
1754 -1763
1775 - 1783
Law that said many printed products must be on special paper from London that was taxed.
French and Indian War
A costly war between France and Britain. Britain had to pay a lot of money to protect the colonists from the French and Native Americans and thought they could raise money by taxing the colonies.
Very unpopular taxes on various everyday items.
Mr. Carver does Mr. White's work. Less time for his students.
American merchants refused to buy the taxed items.
Mr. White's class raids Mr. Carver's classroom and throws the papers around.
Colonists threw taxed tea into Boston Harbor in protest.
Mr. Carver increased the current taxes and also increased what was taxed.
Increased taxed in response to the Boston Tea Party.
Mr. White sends a peace plan to Mr. Carver's class.
1st Continental Congress tries to make peace with Britain after Lexington and Concord.
The Revolutionary War Era
Revolutionary War
How many people felt they were treated unfairly at some point in the simulation?
How many people felt the other class was being treated unfairly at some point in the simulation?
Conversation to have with yourself:
Did I speak up when the other side was being treated unfairly?
Conversation to have with yourself:
How many people wanted to treat the other class like they had been treated?
Don't treat others like you have been treated.
Treat them like you want to be treated.
Dodgeball "Revolt"
Game designed for the colonists to win.
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