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Sachin George

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Nouns

4th Grade Nouns
Singular Nouns
Singular nouns are nouns that only identify one person, place, or thing. They are also subjects and objects.
Plural Nouns
Plural nouns are nouns that refer to multiple people, places, and things.

Plural nouns are formed by adding an "s" to singular nouns, but if the noun ends in "sh","ch", "x", or "s", you add an "es".

If the word ends in "y" with a consonant before it, then you drop the "y" and add an "ies".

There are also irregular plural nouns such as children, women, men, people, mice, geese, and more.

Common Nouns
Common nouns are nouns that are very general and unspecific.

Common nouns should be capitalized only when it is the first word of a sentence or if it is part of a title.

You can make a common noun possessive by simply adding an "'s" (apostrophe s).
Proper Nouns
A proper noun is a noun that names specific person, place, thing, or idea.

Proper nouns are almost always capitalized. Some capitalized proper nouns are: specific names, titles, months, days, geographical locations, and more.

Nouns are used to identify people, places, and things. They are usually subjects or objects.

Ex: I went to the park
I is singular and so is park.
Ex: I saw two flocks of geese, and the children were chasing after them on their bicycles while flies flew above them.


Ex: The man sat down.
Man is the noun.
Common Nouns:
Ex: boy, car, state
Capitalizing Common Nouns:
Ex: State laws were passed.
Possessive Common Nouns:
Ex: The cat's meow was loud.
Geographical Location:
Specific Name:
"Magic Tree House"
Months and Days:
Friday, October 4th
Ex: Jack is ten.
Jack is the first word and it is also a proper noun.

Common and Proper Nouns finish at 1:10
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