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How To Make Pasta

No description

John Armstrong

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of How To Make Pasta

News paper report
OSSLT test?
The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is a compulsory standardized test for high school students in Ontario who wish to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. It was established in 2001 by the Conservative government. in order to pass the OSSLT test, you must get a 70 % to get the passing grade on the OSSLT test.
What is a news paper report?
Reports usually appear in newspapers. They tell readers about events that have been happening in their local area, or national or international news. Assignments in the Standard Grade writing paper usually ask you to write an article for your local newspaper.
The parts you need to make a news paper report?
step by step instructions
Good Example: News Report
• The key elements of a News Report are:
1. Headline
¾ Catches your attention
¾ Sums up the story
2. Byline
¾ Writer’s name
¾ Writer’s Specialty, e.g. sports, food, crime,
current events
3. Place line
¾ Where the story begins
5. Body
¾ Supplies detail
¾ Most important details come first
¾ Simple true statements
6. Quotation
¾ What someone actually said
¾ Adds accuracy
¾ Adds “at the scene” feeling
4. Lead
¾ The opening section
¾ Gives most important information
¾ Should answer most of the 5W's
Tips to do the OSSLT test- 1. develop the main idea, 2. provide supporting details, 3. organize your information together, 4.use of an appropriate
tone for the purpose and the intended reader, 5. use of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Good example of a news paper report and why it is good:
Yesterday, in the packed stadium in Sydney, Australia, where the games have been taking place all week, Chris ran the race of his life to cross the line in the gold medal position. this is a good example of a news paper report because it tells u all the 5 Ws which is a requirement for a news paper report.

Bad example of a news paper report and why it is bad:
Yesterday, I wrote about how to change a “Bad News Story” a “Good News Story.” Today I provide an example of a negative news story and demonstrate how to take the ten tips from yesterday’s “Bussters” and turn the story into some “Good News.” this is a bad example of a news paper report because you cant have quotes in your first paragraph and he doesnt include the 5 Ws which u must have in a news paper report.

what a opinion paragraph is?
An opinion piece is an article, published in a newspaper or magazine, that mainly reflects the author's opinion about the subject.

Evaluation: If these steps are done right you
succeeded how to cook your filling pasta to
fill you right up in your tummy!

Step 1: Read the picture and headline provided and decide on an
event that you can write about.
Step 2: Make a list of questions (who, what, where, when, why, and
how) and brainstorm a
series of answers.
Step 3: Write the first paragraph answering the 5 Ws and H using the details you brainstormed.
Step 4: Write the second paragraph. It must expand on the 5Ws and H to provide more
details about the news. It must also include one eyewitness account that
appears in “quotation” marks. A lot of times, this paragraph expands on the
what, why, and how details from paragraph one.
Step 5: Write the conclusion (paragraph 3). It should contain additional
information about the headline that could be cut if need be. It could
provide extra details about future plans, damage costs, medical results, etc.
Step 6: Read your report over and make any corrections needed.
A news paper report must have
1) have a lead statement that states the general 5 W's
2) develop the headline and the photo
3) Have at least 5 paragraphs that contain- 3 sentences
4) be written in 3rd person
5) have 3 quotations from different perspectives involved in the story that adds species to the report.
6) have specific details that develop the 5 W's (who,what,where,when, why)
7) A concluding paragraph that sums up the article
8) proper grammar and punctuation
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