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Tiffanylee Letourneau

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of 2.07

Topic:"right to bear arms"
Landmark Case:Heler Vs.District Of columbia

Advocate example:
Contemporary Case #1:BATEMAN VS.PERDUE- 2012

Contemporary Case #2:Homeless woman vs Massachusetts

Relationship Questions:
Relationship Questions:

Are the subtopics equal in importance?
Are there relationships of time between subtopics?

Your Outline
MLA Citations for sources from your annotated bibliography to support each part of your outline.
I. Introduction of the topic

II. Informing- What is ______?

III. Landmark case- major influence on _Citizen rights____________.
Outline Planning Guide

Yes the relationship is both dealing with the second amendment and citizens feeling like their rights were violated.

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