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Past Perfect Progressive Tense

English 111- Basic Communication Skills

Melanie Ellorimo

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Past Perfect Progressive Tense

Past Perfect Progressive Tense
Video Repost
Past Perfect Progressive
Positive Form
To form the past perfect progressive, use the auxiliary (helping verb) had + been + verb-ing (present participle)
It is used for the past action that were unfinished when another action happened.
This can also be called as Past Perfect Continuous.
had been waiting
for her long before he decided to go.
Negative Form
To form the past perfect progressive, use auxiliary (helping verb) had not + been + verb-ing (present principle)
had not been sleeping
when you arrived.
Yes/No Questions
To form the past perfect progressive, use Had or Had not (negative form) + subject + been + verb-ing (present participle)
Had he been drinking
when you found him?
Had not the snow been falling
for hours before then?
To form the past perfect progressive, use Wh-Question + had + subject + been + verb-ing (present participle)
Which fax message had you been trying
to send when the power went off?

Other Examples
Positive Form
1. Emarie for 6 hours when Melanie woke her up. (sleep)
Direction: Provide the correct form of the Past Perfect Progressive.
2. How long (he) before the accident occured? (drive)
3. (you) a movie when the electric power went off? (watch)
4. (it) for several days before the summer season started? (not/rain)
5.What (he) when he decided to sleep. (write)
6. How long (he) in Florida before he moved to Kapalong? (stay)
7. Dora and Boots to Kisante when they decided to stop at a banana plantation. (travel)
8. What (you) in the water spinach garden before you jumped into a puddle dirtied your shirt? (do)
9. (Punny) hotdogs when you met her? (eat)
10. Ghie himself about all his confusions when he wrote his question for the activityon a piece of paper. (ask)
Kelly had been typing for an hour when Cecile came home.
It had been raining when I finished washing my clothes.
Negative Form
I had not been eating breakfast before I arrived to school.
Louie had not been seeing his girlfriend when they quarreled.
Yes/No Questions
Had you been dancing tango before you reached twelve.
Had it not been convincing for you when they conducted the career guidance?
What had you been thinking when you found out the truth?
Why had you been chasing Chasen before he punched you?
1. had been sleeping
2. had he been driving
3. Had you been watching
4. Had it not been raining
5. had he been writing
6. had he been staying
7. had been traveling
8. had you been doing
9. Had Punny been eating
10. had been asking

http://www.englishclub.com/grammar/verb-tenses past perfect-continuous.htm
Game na U? Game na ME!
1. The class will be grouped to 8.
2. Each group will be provided a piece of paper where they can write their answers.
3. The group that will receive the most number of points shall be declared the winner and will have an additional two points on the quiz.
Rearrange the words and phrases to form a chronologically ordered sentence.
1. the messenger
when he was asked
for the owner
had been searching
of the letter
to immediately send it
1. The messenger had been searching for the owner of the letter when he was asked to immediately send it.
2. cakes
before she enrolled
in a culinary school
had been baking
2. Marta had been baking cakes before she enrolled in a culinary school.
3. had been cleaning
before their boss came
the attic
Lea and Rosario
3. Lea and Rosario had been cleaning the attic before their boss came.
4. to have a Macbook Air
before he saw
his classmate's laptop
had been wanting
4. Gino had been wanting to have a Macbook Air before he saw his classmate's laptop.
5. watching
before we took
Kim Chiu's movie
with Xian Lim
had you been
the exam?
5. Had you been watching Kim Chiu's movie with Xian Lim before we took the exam?
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