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I3 Project Genetic Engeneering

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Avah Mejia

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of I3 Project Genetic Engeneering

By: Avah Mejia
what is genetic engineering?
Things genetically engeneering are used for plant fertilizers. As we all plant lovers know plant fertilizers kill the bacteria along with properly growing them , which is a big help for us envirment friendly people. another thing genetic engineering is used for to make children with desired traits by the parents. Such as if thier was a couple who wanted a baby with dimples and Blue eyes , but they had neither so they took there baby to get thier baby genetically engineeried
Define engineering
Genetic engineering is the use of technology to genetically change the organisms cells to cause a difference in the animal for an example , a glowing fish, and a hypo-allergetic cat.
what was the purpose of geneticallly engineering this animal?
the purpose of genetically engineering this animal is because some cat-lovers who have allergies, cant get a cat. So the asthma and allergy foundation helped put this wonderful hypo allergetic cat together !
Genetic Engineering Showcase
the organism that I am doing my I3 Project on is a genetically engineered Hypo-allergetic cat.
how and who engineered it ?
I am doing my I3 Project on Hypo-allergetic cats , These hypo-allergetic cats were made for us people who have allergies but want a cat.
I3 Project Genetic Engineering

Mr.brodie engineered this cat by getting the protein and either destroying the gene or RNA or even the whole protein.
Good thing or Bad thing ?
I think its a good thing , the hypo allergetic cats allow people with allergies to have pets!
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