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Storage Devices Timeline

A timeline showing devices that are/were made to store things using technology.

Ana Rios

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Storage Devices Timeline

Technology Timeline Storage Devices Ana Rios
JS4 1725 Punch Card Herman Hollerith France For the first information was stored in a combined format on perforated cardboard cards. 1846 1946 1954 Punched Tape Alexander Bain Scotland Each row on the tape represents one character, but since you easily could create a fanfold you could store significantly more data using the punched tape compared to the punch card The Selectron Tube Radio Corporation of America (RCA) New York Looking for a new form of high-speed memory 1951 Magnetic Tape Fritz Pfleumer Germany Magnetic tape for recording sound. Magnetic drum memory Formed the main working memory of the machine, with data and programs being loaded on to or off of the drum using media. 1956 1971 1979 1985 Hard disk drive Main storage media device that permanently store all data on the computer. G. Taushek Austria International Business Machines (IBM) New York Floppy Disk The first floppy disks were made for read-only, however in the dawn of 1980, they were created for read and write. Yoshiro Nakamatsu Japan Compact Cassette Was a way of storage on personal computers, and were also used for listening to music. Philips Company Netherlands CD ROM Was inspired in 1965 to develop a method for storing and playing music. Sony & Philips Netherlands & Japan 1998 2006 Flash Drive Convenient for personal data storage, and transferring data to different computers Dov Moran Israel Blu-Ray disk Blu-ray Disc
Association Japan To record and play high definition video and to allow for the storage of more data. Storage Devices By: Ana Rios
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