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Copy of "Celebrating Children and Literacy"

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Ma. Teresa Penman

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of "Celebrating Children and Literacy"

youtube Our struggles 33.75% Relative/friend
9.79% Newspaper
1.46% Email
0.63% TV
7.08% Radio
19.38% School
0.63% Facebook
5.21% Flyer
22.08% Unknown
100% How did the parents learn about the event?
2000 Consulate of Mexico
4000 Rashida Tlaib
1000 Reading Is Fundamental
8000 Community donations Books
50 Library cards
200 Children 
60 Adults   Detroit Public Library Report Celebrating Children and Literacy 2012
Day of the Education 2012
50 Children participating from the schools (e.g. entertainment)
50 Planning committee including the Consulate of Mexico
100 Adults with no children
(e.g. students and community leaders more or less)
150 Volunteers
1580 Children
680 Adults
TOTAL - 2610 Outcomes "Thank you so much for your commitment to children
and to the Día de los Niños, Día de los Libros Literacy
Event. I was very impressed last year when I participated as a vendor and was excited to be a part of the planning committee and specifically helping with the activities for the day of the event this year."

Gabriela Ramírez-Darris
Coordinadora de Iniciativa Hispana
Hispanic Initiative Coordinator
Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan "We are involved because literacy is an
extremely important issue for our young people
but also adults; it is the road to reaching your dreams. Also, it is important that we have a
family friendly event in our community that promotes literacy and culture. And this is fun
for kids!"

Christine A. Bell, LMSW | 303.263.8670 |
Human Development Director Urban
Neighborhood Initiatives "The college fair is an important part of the literacy
continuum. In my years promoting literacy in the community (and passing out free books everywhere I go!)I am always trying to get out the message that early literacy has lifelong value. Having the colleges there made that connection. In addition, Sandra, Elena and Carlos (3 PhDs!) who spoke directly and personally to the families with young children about how to start children on the road to school success, completed the picture. Congratulations on another successful Día de los Niños, despite the weather!"
Susan Yeghissian, M.A., S.W.
Readers are Leaders Project Manager
"The children and parents were very enthusiastic
about drawing what they wanted to be. Many of
our children wanted to be doctors and teachers.
We had a cowboy and a fireman and a mechanical engineer. As you know when we were doing the
promotions, at one of the schools we spoke to a
few 5th graders who had no idea what they
wanted to be when they grow up. I think this
activity gets the children thinking about what
they want to be when they grow up. A fun
drawing activity which could lead them to
think about a career. "
Christina Guzman Urban Neighborhood Initiatives "Overall, it was a great event which was highly attended
by families with younger children. There were parents that
I talked to during the event that only spoke Spanish, I handed
out our Spanish language College Planning Guide to, expressed
that they did not know how to read. This is a generational issue
and could be due to a disconnect from others in the community.
Along with the importance of education is understanding why
it’s crucial and much needed. I sensed that majority of the participants lacked the sense of the higher education system. An example would be not knowing the value of a college degree and how that could increase the likely hood of a better income, not knowing what a bachelors versus an Associate’s degree are, and understanding of college majors. There were a few families that I helped answer questions for and had great conversations. It was a great family event backed by many supporters. Gracias.
Florensio Hernandez, Advocates for Latino Student
Advancement in Michigan Education, (ALSAME)
"Obesity in the Hispanic population is increasing, especially
in children. We checked weight, height, and calculated BMI in children. We saw approximately 65-70 children.
Those children who were found to be overweight or
obese were counseled with their parents in regards to
eating healthy and frequent exercise. They were given
written information and brochures according to their age.
Also, we had an activity, where the kids draw fruits,
vegetables, cereal, dairy, and protein in a plate. We collected
all the drawings and had a raffle, where one of the drawings
was chosen and the winner got a razor kick scooter."
Maricela Castillo-Vazquez, MD Family Medicine,
PGY-3 Henry Ford Hospital, "I though it was very good since I received information
that was right for us and that sometimes we do not know about the organizations. I visited different booths and learned about what is happening. The activities were very nice, they helped to learn and the children had fun, my children colored, drew and did flowers over some sheets. The children really enjoyed painting and drawing, they also liked reading. I was glad my children could select books according to their age."
Esmeralda Bautista Cesar Chávez Charter School. "We enjoyed it a lot because we received information from the schools as well as information about Worker’s Rights. The children’s activities where they could draw, play, and color, although I did not win the bicycle. I also liked and took several pictures of the floats and I took lots of pictures of my children. " Magdalena Flores Hope de Detroit Academy "It was well organized but very cold. I liked it a lot,
my children enjoyed that I took them to the event
and that they received lots of books in Spanish so
they would learn. They enjoyed the activities about
what they would do when they get older and that
is a good idea since they don’t know because they are
still little, at least they can start thinking about it."
Imelda Gonzáles Priest Elementary "It was really good, I really liked it, I always attend it, as a matter of fact, I have been in all of them, I attend the event each year and each year is well done. I really like the books,
my child loves the books about animals and all the activities. Everything was fine and I would like you to continue and for
us to continue taking advantage of it. I love the characters, the bubbles, the floats. My son also liked the activities about the
play-doh and the flying saucers. He also liked the activities with
the wet towels. He participated in almost everything."
Silvia Castellanos Lincoln Park MI Parent’s statements: Statements
from the Community Consulate of Mexico

Matrix Human Services
Vistas Nuevas Head Start Partners: The focus of this event is to promote
literacy within the family, celebrate
the culture of Mexico and the children of
our community. It is truly a family event,
everyone is welcome to attend
and all activities are free.  This is an opportunity to
understand the needs of young children as well as provide opportunities for young children
to learn and explore their world in
a fun and positive manner. In the United States, April is celebrated as the
Month of the Young Child. In Mexico, Children’s day is a special day takes
place on April 30th of each year. Known as
Día de Los Niños. This day celebrates children encouraging traditional cultural activities
where children learn about their heritage, the importance of education and the spirit of community.

But mostly it is about fun and family. Día de Los Niños-
Día de los Libros
  Celebrating Children and Literacy What is
Día de Los Niños-
Día de los Libros?
23.56% unknown 
27.19%1 time 
23.87%2 times 
12.69%3 times 
8.76%4 times 
2.11%5 times 
1.81% 6 times 
100%  Times families attended the event Skillman Foundation
DTE Energy
Ideal Group
WSU/CBS... In 2013... Finding resources ...
We need volunteers, donation of bikes, books, snack items, and $$$ APROMEX! Our children and families of Southwest Detroit and new generations of Mexican Americans thank you!!!! Some of our sponsors in the past:
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