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Love Song

poemm # 1

ahmber navarro

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Love Song

Carol Muske-Dukes is an aurthor of 7 different poems. She is a professor of anglish and creative writing. She also founded the new PhD Program in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Southern California. Love Song Carol Muske-Dukes Bio : Literary Terms : Audience : Theme : Love comes hungry to anyone's hand.
I found the newborn sparrow next to
the tumbled nest on the grass. Bravely

opening its beak. Cats circled, squirrels.
I tried to set the nest right but the wild
birds had fled. The knot of pin feathers

sat in my hand and spoke. Just because
I've raised it by touch, doesnt mean it
follows. All day it pecks at the tin image of

a faceless bird. It refuses to fly,
though I've opened the door. What
sends us to each other? He and I

had a blue landscape, a village street,
some poems, bread on a plate. Love
was a camera in a doorway, love was

a script, a tin bird. Love was faceless,
even when we'd memorized each other's
lines. Love was hungry, love was faceless,

the sparrow sings, famished, in my hand. Ahmber M. Navarro there close friend The poet is reflecting on love and its idiosyncrasies. She is lost in thought and memory. She remembers the love she once had and compares it to her rescue of a baby sparrow. mood: the feeling of the poem
- sad, and lonely.
free verse: non-rhythimical
- doesn't rhyme.
character: the act of a person
- the person feels a certain way towards the bird.
conceit: unusual comparison
- love is hungry to anyones hands. Speaker : A person who understands and wants love.
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