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A very short summary of King Lear

No description

Carl Di Terlizzi

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of A very short summary of King Lear

A very short look at the plot KING LEAR The big question Lear goes to live with his daughter Goneril- she treats him with no respect because she now has power Lear has made a mistake Gloucester is at Regan's castle to visit, and he overhears that Goneril and Regan plan to steal the throne Gloucester Cordelia and the French army vs Goneril and Regan's British army The battles Cordelia is hung for returning with the French army The Tragic finale Lear then decides goes to live with his other daughter Regan thinking she will treat him better- she doesn't! Cordelia marries a French King who is impressed by her honesty at the beginning with King Lear Asks which of his daughters loves him the most.

Is disappointed by the answer of his favourite daughter Cordelia

Banishes her and splits the power between his 2 other
daughters Goneril, Regan and himself
Lear realises that his daughters are conspiring to make him feel like less of a man- he knows he has made a mistake! French King and Cordelia decide to invade England to overpower the two sisters that
are trying to control King Lear He sends a warning to King Lear- Edmund his bastard son tells on him and has him arrested!

Goneril and Regan hear of this and have Gloucester's eyes taken out! Lear realises he has caused all this and dies of a broken heart Regan poisons Goneril out of jealousy over Edmund Goneril kills herself when she realises Edmund is killed by Edgar! Edgar and Edmund duel to the death to settle their differences- Edmund loses Earl of Gloucester (Friend of Lear) Edgar Edmund (bastard son) (Legitimate son) Jealous of his brother Edgar for
being the son that his father
actually wanted is Meanwhile...Regan and Goneril BOTH are attracted to Edmund- Gloucester's bastard son Has a son Has another son he doesn't like Edmund Edmund likes this, and strings
both along by pretending to love
them both The love story Who else? Cordelia and the French army are defeated- she is arrested and sentenced to death
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