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Cambell and Victoria

No description

lib hist

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Cambell and Victoria

Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edward Walker was a medical doctor and showed tremendous honor by working unpaid as a field surgeon near union front lines at the battle of Fredricksburg and in Chattanooga. She was the first woman and the only woman as of 2016 to hav rececived a Medal of honor.
Roswell Winans
Roswell winans was awarded with the Medal of Honor because while serving in the Dominic Republic ,he was cited for the extrodenary herosism in action against a considerable force of rebels on the line of march in his unit
Cambell Brown and Victoria Carpenter
All these people showed great bravery in battle. They stepped up to the challage and looked at it as there job, not act of heroism.
The courage to go out into the battle is already outstanding amoung these four, but not only did they serve their country they fought for it and everyone who lives in the land of the free amd home of the brave.
These men and woman showed honor by helping others in there time of need and being humble about. Wheather it was voleentering for a tough job or reaching out and giving someone a hand.
Soilders who have earned the Medal of Honor
What is the medal of honor ?
The medal of honor is the highest and rareset award a military personel can recive less than 3,500 men have recived it and only one woman has recived it. Over a hundered and fifty years ago president Abraham Lincon signed a bill that the award avalablie for the navy. And later years made it avalible for all millitary.
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis served in the Vienim war as a sergert in the army.The enemy was firing and shot Srgt Davis into a fox hole. Servely injured he crossed the Viet cong and resuced three men. All four made it back to safety.
Hershel Woody Wlliams
This man was a corpal in the US marines in WWII. He voleentered himself to destory japeenese pillboxes. With four riflemen on his back he useds flame thrower to destory the pillboxes.
The ablity to be strong and face a battle with confidence is what these people have. They were able to have courage in the face of danger, even if their life was on the line.
As a young child Sammy Davis saw a soilder on tv and said thats what I what to do in my life, serve my country. In fact all four of these people fought for their country, and that makes them pretty American.
Hershal Woody Williams
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