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SIS II : Schengen Information System

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Jordane Prieur

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of SIS II : Schengen Information System

What is the Schengen Information System?
How is the protection of personal data ensured ?
Who has access to the SIS II Data?

national law enforcement
judicial and administrative authorities
SIS II : Schengen Information System
What is the Schengen Area?
What happens if my name is misused by someone involved in a crime or illegal entry in the Schengen Area?

Helping you move freely, helping you live safely
Key figures :
It helps national law enforcement and administration authorities to better protect the Schengen Area, fight crime and locate missing persons.
The system is managed by EU Agency for large-scale IT systems (EU LISA). Its main office is in Tallinn (Estonia), and the second one is in Strasbourg (France).

Data stored in SIS II are those necessary to identify a person (including picture and fingerprints) as well as relevant information about the alert (including the action to be taken).

Restricted access to the system

Quality control
You can request access in any Schengen country by contacting the competent authorities.

If you are outside the Schengen Area you may contact any consulate of the Schengen country.

summary video
Good answer = 1x Chocobon
1. Where are located the two agencies of the SIS II?
A) Strasbourg and Luxembourg
B) Strasbourg and Tallinn
C) Strasbourg and Bruxelles

2. What are the countries that are not in the EU, but in the Schengen Area?

A) Ireland and United Kingdom
B) Bulgaria and Romania
C) Iceland and Norway

3) What is the country that is not in the Schengen Area?
A) Switzerland
B) Liechtenstein
C) Bulgaria

4. If your personal data are misused and if you are outside the Schengen Area, who should you contact?

A) The Consulate of a Schengen country
B) François HOLLANDE
C) The European Parliament

5. What kind of information does the SIS II hold?

A) The complete list of your lovers
B) Your medical history
C) A Photo and fingerprints

Thx U !
Ksenia VRUBEL / Juan PORTILLA / Karine CHAREYRE / Ségolène DELMAS / Fabio MARTINS
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