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The Book Thief

No description

Katya Shirbroun

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Book Thief

"The Book Thief" takes place in Nazi Germany
in a town called Molching.
The Book Thief

Hans Huberman- The foster father of Liesel, is known as "Papa" to her. He is a painter and plays the accordian. He is kinder than his wife, Rosa
Max- A Jewish fist fighter who befriends Liesel after her parents hide him in their basement. He writes a little "Book" for her called "The Standover Man"
Epic Conventions
"The Book Thief" starts at the end, as the fourth chapter jumps to the end where everyone but Liesel dies.
Supernatural Influences
Death itself is narrating the book, and actually takes Liesels book and keeps it until she dies.
Hero's Journey
Although Liesel is not an Epic Hero, she does go through the same stages of the Hero's Journey as an Epic Hero.
LIESEL - The main character of the book, a young girl living with her foster parents in Nazi Germany

RUDY- Yellow haired best friend of Liesel. He is in love with her and is ALWAYS begging for a kiss!
Rosa Huberman- Liesels foster mother who has a bad temper and an even worse mouth, although deep down she has a big heart. She is known to Liesel as "Mama:
Death - The narrator of "The Book
Thief" and throws his two cents in
every now and then in the book
This book is set in 1939
Innocence- Despite the fact that Liesels brother died right in front of her, and her mother left her, Liesel still, in some ways, remains in the stage of innocence up to the point of her Papa being put into the war
Initiation- Liesel goes through the Initiation when her Papa leaves for tthe war, because everything seems to come crashing down after her Papa leaves.
Chaos- Liesel's chaos is after the shock fades from the bombing of Molching and she has to see her friends and family's dead bodies. For four days she wouldn't wash the remains of Himmel Street off.
Resolution- Liesel reaches her resolution at the end of the book when she dies from old age and Death comes to pick her up and he gives Liesel her book back.
Type of Character
Liesel can be considered the "Child" archetype due to the fact that she is a child and is still, in some ways, innocent.
Use of Colors
Markus Zusak puts an interesting twist on the use of colors in "The Book Thief." He writes about how Death sees colors as he collects the souls. Now, these colors may not be specifically what they are meant to symbolize (For example, he saw white the second time he saw Liesel) but they still catch ones eye when you see Death talk about the colors he sees.
Although there are few archetypal symbols in "The Book Thief" there are many parts that contain symbolism from history or the book itself. For example: The teddy bear that Rudy gives to a dying pilot symbolizes compassion.
The one type of symbolism that can be found in the book is the use of colors. Although this has been mentioned before, it is an interesting way to use symbolism through colors and how Death sees them. For example: The three colors that Death remembers seeing with her are white, red, and black

The Book Thief
By: Markus Zusak
Markus Zusak resides
in Australia
Katya Shirbroun
Type of Story
"Slaying the monster"- Even though Liesel does not fight a real monster, she does struggle with her past and her brothers death. She has nightmares for months on end, replaying her brothers death every night in her dreams. Liesel even sees her brother at a few points in the book, most times he is injured but the last time she sees him he is healed. showing that she is starting to come to terms with his death.
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