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New Age Ads

By Diana Cárdenas Jonathan Daza

jonathan daza

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of New Age Ads

New Age Ads
diana cardenas
jonathan daza


Advertising through SMS


bogota ,colombia

Comcel >2000: $39
1 SMS: $137

Tigo >500: $19
1 SMS: $80

Movistar >400: $25
1 SMS: $89
cost price Comcel: $55

Tigo: $27

Movistar: $36
Female – Male (18 – 50)
People who have purchasing power.
People who have cellphones and use the sms services.
People who purchase and satisfy their needs at the main supermarkets.
Supermarkets and stores with adverstising needs.
Main goal: To become the first and only company that uses SMS to advertise other companies products and services.
Specific goal: To advertise for chains of large department stores
Specific goal: To reach smaller companies, like clothing stores etc.
According to the Comisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones, we are creating our data bases with the permission of the people.
In order to attract and encourage clients to purchase, the SMS is sent with a code wich is used to enter a draw

cross selling :people can purchase sms for a lower price tha usually buy than

up selling : publicar aliance with publicar
S.A to place comonies in
our web sites
flow chart

home services company advertising sms quantity pay guest personal sms text quantity pay seo:title home - new age ads
title about us - sms advertising
title services - advertising , sms , and publicaar S.A
title contact us - new age ads key words
Legislación y promociones , publicidad, mensajes de texto (sms) , servicios , precios bajos, ventas , éxito , Carrefour , alkosto, homecenter , fallabela, publicar S.A.
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