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Future Educators Association

No description

Kimberly Phillips

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Future Educators Association

Future Educators Association
The mission of FEA is to foster the recruitment and development of prospective educators worldwide through the dissemination of innovation programming and relevant research.
“I will pursue excellence in preparing to be a future teacher of Arizona. I hold to the highest standards and ethics and will uphold the mission and responsibilities of the Arizona FEA. I will represent myself, my school and the Arizona FEA with my best effort, attitude and commitment.”
Colors and Dress
the official colors of FEA are white and red
the official dress is FEA polo shirt, pressed pants or skirt and appropriate shoes
Details of FEA
Lasting since at least, the 1930's.
Originally known as Future Teachers of America
Tagline " A classroom is waiting.. "
Benefits of FEA
FEA helps thousands of students develop the skills and strong leadership that successful teachers provide.
Myself and FEA
In FEA, I plan to participate in most of the community service like, helping the Salvation Army. I also plan to go to conferences to learn more about FEA and how i can be a leader in the future. With this, I want to grow as a better and more giving person with FEA.
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