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Special Event Policies

No description

Toni Koch

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Special Event Policies

Special Event Policies The term "special event" applies to any event on campus other
than a standard meeting. It may refer to a concert, party,
dance, barbeque, festival, or any event with a special setup. A special event may necessitate the need to meet with the Assistant Director of Sykes Union and Public Safety. The reservation process for special events (even those requesting space outside of Sykes) begins
with a webviewer request. Please keep in mind that because of classes
and weekly meetings, live music/DJ's will only be permitted in certain spaces on Sunday-Thursdays
nights throughout campus. Types of Special Events Concert Party/Dance Fundraiser When planning a concert, keep in mind the cost of the equipment the
band needs. Renting sound equipment can add a great cost
to your event. Live music is not permitted in Sykes Union without special approval on Sunday-Tuesday nights because of interference with weekly meetings. The exception is Sykes Theatre, which contains sound better than the ballrooms. Concerts require a meeting with Sykes
Administration Staff to go over the circuitry
of the ballrooms. On some occastions, we
will recommend an electrician be at your event. Special Event Locations Residential Quad Athletic Spaces Ehinger Gym Public Safety Advertising All parties and dances will end by 1am with
everyone out of the space by 1:30am. Only WCU students with ID are permitted to enter the venue after 11:30pm. Proper lighting must be maintained in all party venues based on campus policy. There is more lighting flexibility in Sykes Union Ballrooms than in Ehinger Gym due to the nature of the space. Capacity for parties in either the Ballrooms
or Ehinger Gym is 500. Each guest (paying or not
paying) is required to wear a wristband. 500
wristbands will be provided you at the beginning
of the party. Please return unused wristbands. People attending the party who do not have a college id
must be put on a guest list (max 50 people) and given to
Public Safety by 4:00pm on the day of the party. If the
guest list is not received by public safety by 4pm, no
guests without a college ID will be permitted to enter.
Those on the guest list must show valid state ID to enter. All money collected on campus must be deposited in the organization's SSI account. This includes everything from a bake sale in the lobby to a major fundraising concert. Certain spaces on campus have special policies surrounding them. This is because of the nature of the venue and its purpose on campus. The University Hall patio is a residential space first.
RA's and RD's will be given programming priority. All other student organizations wishing to reserve space will request it through Sykes Union. They will need to complete a separate form. The amount of events with DJ and/or music will be capped as not to disturb the students living around the area. A separate meeting will be held with
the student organization, a USH
representative, the Director of
Residence Life, and Sykes Administration. Requests for athletic reservations also begin in Sykes Union. A separate form will need to be filled out to request athletic space. Athletic space includes Hollinger Field House, South Campus Gym, the stadium, and outside field space. Athletic events will be given priority. Student organization events will not be confirmed until the athletic schedule is determined for the coming semester. Ehinger gym available for programming
by student organizations during after 9pm Monday-Thursday, After 4pm on Fridays, and on weekends. makes all security decisions for WCU based on University policy. Based on a number of factors, they may decide that officer(s) are needed at your event. Factors include: Money collection &
amount charging Nature of the event (ie: Party, Dance, Concert) If Non-WCU guests
are expected to attend Total number of
people expected Hours of the event Location of the event Where (& who) is
advertising. Public Safety is a cost to your organization. Public Safety is not able to take in account whether you event is a philanthropy or fundraiser. The student organization will still be responsible for the cost of the officers assigned. Public safety costs will be deducted automatically after your event from your SSI account. If you would like to pay another way, contact the Assistant Director of Sykes Union after receiving your bill. All advertising must be approved by Sykes Administration, and must including the following: Start and end time
500 people max capacity
Admission amount
If guest list policies will be in effect.
Valid WCU (or college)ID needed for entry All Student Event Coordinators are responsible for knowing
and abiding by special event policy. By signing the special event
request form or submitting a webviewer space request, you
are affirming you have read and will abide by WCU special
event policies as outlined here. Full policies are available in the Programming Planning Guide available on the Sykes Union Website. Questions? Past history with the
sponsoring organization. Best Viewed in Full Screen
Press Play to advance presentation Food Policy The university has an exclusive food service contract with Aramark New Street Catering for food served on campus.Groups who do not wish to use Aramark must fill out a waiver at their office in Lawrence. Groups not using Aramark New Street Catering
are subject to the following procedure:

Events fall into two categories; those considered closed or private (open only to organization/group members and/or invited guests i.e. student organization meetings) and open events (with an unspecified number of guests and where anyone can participate i.e. organization fairs, campus fundraisers).

Events closed to the public will be permitted to bring food in from an outside vendor with the appropriate approvals, (for student groups those approvals are through the Sykes Union reservation office.)

Events that are opened to the public may require a temporary event license from the Chester County Health Department as well as other appropriate approvals, (for student groups those approvals are through the Sykes Union reservation office) to be permitted to bring in outside vendor to provide food. Please begin thay process at least 1 month before your event to ensure time to get the necessary approvals.

Bake Sales, and providing pre-packaged snacks are exempt from this policy and don't need additional approval.
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